Zululand. Its traditions, legends, customs and folk-lore – Samuelson, L H


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A total of 61 short chapters of translations of Zulu legends, traditions, customs and folk-lore. Written by Mrs. Samuelson, who spent a number of years living among the Zulus and acquired the name Nomleti. Women are seen as subordinate in Zulu culture, making this work of particular interest. With an illustrated frontis and five other illustrations, one folding. Toning to front and rear feps. 191 Pages. Contents Include The Water-Bogey, The Mantis and the Chameleon, Cannibals, How Baboons got their Tails, A Zulu Wedding, How Twins Were Treated, ”Sending Home” Departed Spirits, Sacrificing to Sprits, The Death of a Chief, Inkata, The Zulu Annual Feast, The Doctoring of an Army, Finding out Wizards, A Fire Extinguisher, Rain Doctors Rainbow, Lightning and Eclipses, Praying for the Corn, Old Wives’ Tales, King Mpande’s Snake Charmer, How Death came into the World, The Zulu’s Choicest Bit of Meat, A Friendly Way of Obtaining Food, Peacemaking over a Pinch of Snuff, Rules of a Zulu Hunt, Bongoza’s Smartness, Zulu Ladyrinths and War Game.

Publisher: Mariannhill Mission Press
Date Published: Circa 1920
Publication Place: Mariannhill, Natal
First Edition: Yes

Condition: Very good.
Binding: Hardcover. Cloth boards with some mild edge-wear.

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