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About us

Cape Town, with more than 300 years of colonial history and a haven for traders travelling the East -Indian route from Europe has always been a source of treasures.

Quagga in nearby Kalk Bay is still permeated with the sense of the rare and unusual. Large leatherbound tomes, 17th century sea charts, glass cabinets stuffed with books, seashells the odd baboon skull or whalebone.

A mounted Zebra stares down at you with its glassy eyes. It all has the feel of a successful 17th century merchants Wunderkammer or Cabinet of Curiosities. Paintings, books, maps and the oddest of objects.

Owned and run by father and son George and Simon Curtis, Quagga opened its doors over 25 years ago and have become leading specialists in their field, the shop being an institution in Kalk Bay.

We ship worldwide using a secure airmail process or tracked courier.