Typus Orarum Maritimarum Guineae, Mani Conngo & Angolae – Linschoten van, Jan and Langren van, Arnoldus


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Known as the Winschoten maps, this map and its companion map showing the east coast of Africa are celebrated as being exceptional for their decorative features, delicate engraving and attractive embellishments. Jan Huygan van Winschoten (1536-1611) well known as a Dutch voyager was born in Haarlem. He travelled to the Indies in the service of the Archbishop of Goa and wrote an account of his travels, the Itinerario which was published in Dutch in 1596. Arnoldus van Langren, one of a Dutch family of cartographers and globe-makers, engraved this map for that publication. It shows rich ornamentation. The lettering is beautifully engraved and clear, with fine flourishes of the larger letters in the Flemish style. The map shows a well detailed coastline. The mainland is embellished with elephant, rhinoceros, a lion and an unusual feature is the introduction of sirens in Lake Zaire. The fictitious city of Vigiti Magna is marked.

Date Published: 1596
Publication Place: Amsterdam

Condition: Very good. Margins trimmed approx 1cm from the plate mark. Lined with Japanese tissue.

Dimensions: 40 x 54cm

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