The Anti-Universalist, or History of the Fallen Angels of the Scriptures; Proofs of the Being of Satan and of Evil Spirits: – Priest, Josiah


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Intended as a refutation of the three main points of Universalism, namely, that there is no Hell after death; no Devil or Satan as a being; and no future day of final judgement – in two parts.

Repairs to the title page and a few other short tears throughout the book. I-viii, pp. 9-223, first part, Second title pg., pp. 227-420. With a woodcut frontis and 21 other woodcut engravings. Full sheep with black label to the spine. Paper somewhat frayed and thumbed. Although Priest’s work was widely read and several of his works were published in multiple editions, his books were characterised by theories that were used to justify the violent domination over both the Native American and African-American peoples. Priest’s works were among the most overtly racist of his time. Priest’s offensive works help set the stage for the Trail of Tears and the defence of slavery that contributed to the conflicts of the American Civil War. Critics dismiss Priest’s books as compilations of poorly supported theories motivated by racism. Robert Silverberg notes, “The argument he constructs is built on literal interpretations of Biblical passages mixed with popular pseudo-scholarly views and gross misreadings of related texts.” Priest was known for integrating many types of sources into his writings, seeking to create a semblance of authority and credibility for a popular audience. Priest’s fantastic assertions persist today in the works of pseudoscience, pseudohistory, and New Age pop culture. In this respect, he can be considered a pioneer in popular but highly erroneous publishing. The popularity of his works allowed Americans of his time to indulge in romantic fantasies about the past that encouraged their own racism. (Wikipedia)

Publisher: Albany
Date Published: 1837
Publication Place: Albany
First Edition: Yes

Condition: Good to fair.
Binding: Hardcover.

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