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SKU: 302207|~CSV~|Kircher, Athanasius |~CSV~|Chorographia origins Nili juxta observationem Odoardi Lopez. Fol. 55. Chorographia Originis Nili…ex Arabum Geographia deprompta. Fol. 53. Vera et Genuina Fontium Nili Topographia facta a Petro Pais…1618. Fol. 56. (Three maps of the origins of the Nile according to Duarte Lopez, to Arab geography and Peter Pais|~CSV~||~CSV~||~CSV~|1652|~CSV~|1652|~CSV~|This three-map sheet first appeared in Oedipus Aegypitacus in Rome in 1652. The map at the top left represents the origin of the Nile as explored by Lopez and described by Pigafetta in his well-known map, which was drawn especially to depict this origin of the Nile from two lakes, one below the other, thus discarding the Ptolomaic concept of the two lakes side by side. The top right map represents the Montes Lunae origin of the Nile, north of Lake Zambia, while the wider map at the bottom shows an enlarged detail of the mountains and rivers as understood by the geographers of the period. All three maps are embellished in their interior by mountains, citadels, trees and unusual animals. An attempt is made to demarcate the various North African kingdoms. Kircher is reputed to be the first to have described the finding of the Nile as recorded by the Jesuit traveler Paez. An account appears in vol. 3 of Bruce's Travels to discover the source of the Nile in the years 1768 to 1773. Trimmed and flattened with a newer tissue lining. Condition very good |~CSV~||~CSV~|12000|~CSV~|Africana|~CSV~||~CSV~|a|~CSV~|Africana;nile|~CSV~||~CSV~|1500|~CSV~||~CSV~||~CSV~|Map|~CSV~|Very good|~CSV~||~CSV~||~CSV~| 49.5 x 37cm|~CSV~|N|~CSV~||~CSV~|Y|~CSV~||~CSV~||~CSV~|N|~CSV~||~CSV~|nile Tag: