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Original Albumen print of the Grand Hotel, Pretoria – Photographer R.C.E. Nissen


One chip and one closed tear to the mount board. Two indentations to the image but the surface is undamaged. Photograph take c. 1895 Condition: Good Dimensions: image size 20.4 x 15cm

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Vera et Genvina Fontivm Nili Topographia facta a P. Petro Pais: Societ iesu Anno 1618: die 21. Aprilis in praesentia Imperatoris uid Fol 56. – Athanasius Kircher


A three-map sheet. The map at the top left represents the origins of the Nile as explored by Duarte Lopez. The top right map represents the Montes Lunae as the origin of the Nile from Arab sources. The third map shows the Montes Lunae and the river valley in detail as recorded by the Jesuit…

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Yvaral Structure Cubique BC – Yvaral (1934 – 2002)


Medium: Acrylic on canvas. Jean-Pierre Vasarely (1934–2002), professionally known as Yvaral, was a French artist working in the fields of op-art and kinetic art from 1954 onwards. He was the son of Victor Vasarely.Yvaral studied graphic art and publicity at the École des Arts Appliqués in Paris between 1950 and 1953. In 1960, he co-founded…

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